How They Work

To explore why Champion LED Light Bulbs have superior advantages over fluorescent bulbs, we must first understand how both light sources work.

Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are made up of a long or spiral glass with metal fittings where electricity is passed into them. Inside the glass is a small amount of mercury and an inert gas usually argon. The inside of the glass is coated in a phosphorous powder. When electricity is passed into the metal cap, it excites the mercury inside the tube. Mercury atoms then release energy in the form of ultraviolet light, which is invisible to the naked eye. When the ultraviolet light hits the phosphorous coating, the phosphorous begins to glow, creating light.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs do not contain a gas of any kind. Instead, the entire LED is made up of a material called a semiconductor. This material is solid in nature, which makes LEDs more durable. When electricity is passed through the semiconductor material, the electrons inside begin zipping around which releases energy in the form of visible light.

Champion Light Bulbs are essentially digital lighting.

Because Champion Light Bulbs are a higher quality of light than incandescent and fluorescent lighting, they help calm the mood which can increase the productivity of employees and associates.”