How They Work

To explore why Champion LED Light Bulbs have superior advantages over fluorescent bulbs, we must first understand how both light sources work.

Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are made up of a long or spiral glass with metal fittings where electricity is passed into them. Inside the glass is a small amount of mercury and an inert gas usually argon. The inside of the glass is coated in a phosphorous powder. When electricity is passed into the metal cap, it excites the mercury inside the tube. Mercury atoms then release energy in the form of ultraviolet light, which is invisible to the naked eye. When the ultraviolet light hits the phosphorous coating, the phosphorous begins to glow, creating light.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs do not contain a gas of any kind. Instead, the entire LED is made up of a material called a semiconductor. This material is solid in nature, which makes LEDs more durable. When electricity is passed through the semiconductor material, the electrons inside begin zipping around which releases energy in the form of visible light.

Champion Light Bulbs are essentially digital lighting.

Because Champion Light Bulbs are a higher quality of light than incandescent and fluorescent lighting, they help calm the mood which can increase the productivity of employees and associates.”

Advantages of LEDs over Fluorescent Tubes

The amount of time spent replacing bulbs, especially in larger buildings, can be counterproductive. Due to the 3X lifespan of a CHAMPION LED BULB over a fluorescent, the cost of labor and slip and fall liability can be substantially reduced.

Fluorescents bulbs contain hazardous mercury and must be disposed of safely which can be a substantial cost for a company. CHAMPION LED BULBS contain no hazardous materials which are completely safe and can be recycled once its lifespan has been completed.

  • Environmental Impact: Fluorescent lights by their very nature must contain mercury. This metal and vapor is extremely hazardous to both humans and the environment. If a human ingests or inhales mercury it can cause serious complications. If it is disposed incorrectly and gets into our water, the fish can ingest and pass it along to humans when consumed. Fluorescents must be disposed of safely which can be a substantial cost for a company. CHAMPION LED BULBS are completely safe and do not contain such poisonous materials, putting business owners at ease knowing that they are environmentally conscious and not contributing to pollution.
  • Long Term Savings: It is true that CHAMPION LED BULBS are more expensive initially than fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, but they can provide huge potential savings over the long term. CHAMPION LED BULBS can last up to a staggering 50,000 hours which can be 3X the life of a comparable fluorescent. CHAMPION LED BULBS also use half the energy to a comparable fluorescent bulb. This can provide substantial savings as a result of one third the replacements needing to be purchase and half the energy consumed over the same time period.
  • Noise: Fluorescent tubes are notorious for being noisy, especially if they have been used for a significant amount of time. They tend to emit clicking and popping sounds intermittently. Fluorescent tubes are often used in offices and working environments, which can be distracting. CHAMPION LED BULBS do not have this problem and operate silently with no annoying quirks or noises, which doesn’t create a distraction and allows employees to focus and produce better results.
  • Color: Fluorescent lights are notorious for their color profile. Most fluorescents produce only a cold blue/white light, which is stark and not very welcoming. CHAMPION LED BULBS on the other hand provide all manner of different colors easily for any purpose. This is what makes us so adaptable. They can be used in almost any environment or lighting situation.
  • Instant On: CHAMPION LED BULBS light up as soon as an electrical current is passed through them. Fluorescents do not do this and require time to flicker before staying on. Many fluorescent lights do not provide optimum illumination levels until they have been running for a few minutes. Degradation of the fluorescent lamp can occur with consecutive on/off application. CHAMPION LED BULBS provide instant light and instant full illumination, as well as do not degrade with consecutive on/off switching.
  • Minimal Heat: While fluorescent tubes emit less heat than incandescent and halogen bulbs, they still produce much more than LEDs. CHAMPION LED BULBS are lukewarm to the touch and therefore carry less risk of causing an accidental fire or burn someone when touched.

CHAMPION LED BULBS provide long term savings, great performance, variable colors, and most importantly do not contain any hazardous materials. There are always companies offering cheap solutions at a low price. CHAMPION LED BULBS never compromise on quality: Be a CHAMPION own the BEST.”